The Experiment Part 16: A New Perspective

Hope that you all enjoy this weekend. For those here in America, or from America, with me, the happiest of July 4ths to you. Those outside of here, still the happiest of weekends to you. I’ll write this post, but won’t post again until Monday. Here is the last installment, so you can follow the chain back to where you last read.

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The Experiment (Cont)

I turned my head to the voice. So unknown, but so familiar. It’s as if I’d known it all my life.

Light. Such brilliant, overwhelming light. I can’t look at it. It hurts, it hurts my eyes so much. I fall to my face to shield my eyes from it.

“Rise Robert. You called me, yes?”

A warm hand touches the back of my head. I know this touch. Like my mother’s touch, so long ago. She would touch my head, kiss my forehead, and everything seemed that it would always be good. Nothing bad could ever steal those moments. I’d look into her eyes, those shining, smiling, loving blue eyes.

I raise my head, expecting to see her, but there’s nothing. The funny thing is, this feels better. I can feel, I’m not sure how I feel. Surrounded. Enclosed. Safe. Warm. Loved. Whole. For the first time in a long time, I feel whole. My house is gone. The shadow is gone. Kate’s body is gone.

“Where am I?” A whisper escapes me. It’s all the strength I can summon to speak.

“No where, but with me for the moment.” A deep voice, like my father’s voice when I was so young. Assuring, comforting. A safe voice. But more than that, my mother’s voice too. Sweet, melodic. All fear melts away.


“Yes, Robert?”

“What’s happening? Why is this happening? Kate, oh God, Kate?” The tears break from me like a flood again. I can’t move. Kate? This can’t be right. This can’t be right.

“Kate is all right, Robert.” Such a simple thing to say, when I know different. Yet, I don’t question him. I don’t doubt him. Every part of me knows he speaks truth. I don’t understand, but I know it’s true.

“Is she?”

“No. It didn’t happen. Neither did Dr. Sheffield. Everyone will be all right, Robert.”

“I, I don’t understand. I saw them. I saw that shadow, that demon, I saw him kill them. The blood. I saw the blood.”

“Dear Robert,” Arms wrap around me, though I can’t see them. Still, I lose myself in the embrace. Completely. Could I only stay here, in this embrace always? My soul longs for it. “It did not happen.”

Times’ Up!

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