The Experiment Part 15: Can there be hope?

Just a heads up, I’ll probably be wrapping this story up here soon. Not sure how many parts there will be. I have mixed feelings over how everything has turned out in this, but overall I think it was good for its intended purpose. As always, you can click here to go back and follow the chain to where you last read.

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Now, for the story. Enjoy!

The Experiment (Cont)

I hold Kate’s still body. I don’t know how to breathe. I feel a burning in my body. Every muscle racks and wants to rip away from my body. My chest doesn’t move, sound has left me. Tears wet my face and land on hers. Blue-green eyes stare up at me, but they don’t see me any more. I want to cry out, but I don’t think my body remembers how.

“You’re an evil man, Robert.” The shadows growl. Many voices, but they all sound distant to me. So far away. But, I can feel them near. I can feel their breath.

How do you fight shadows and demons? What can you do when light and air turn against you? Everything you do is feeble, futile, useless.

I can’t. I can’t fight this. I can’t fight them. Why should I? They took Kate. Why can’t they take me, too?

“Not yet, Robert…we’re still having fun, little rat. How much until you break? How much until we own you whole?” One shadow laughs. Familiar. My main tormentor?

I stare into eyes that aren’t there. Black and lifeless, the shadow stares back at me. I want to call out to God, but I don’t believe in God. I stopped believing so long ago. Fairy tales and myths.

I never believed in demons, either. But here they are. I didn’t believe, but they still took my life and tore it apart.

If they’re real, couldn’t the opposite be true, too? Might there be God?

Would he answer me, after I shunned him so long? Would he answer me even though I only call to him because I have nowhere else to turn?

“Yes, I would.”

Time’s Up!

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