The Experiment Part 11: No One Believes You

After just a small interlude yesterday, we’ll move right along with the story today. As always, if you’ve missed any, click here and follow the chain back to where you last read. Hope you enjoy!

The Experiment (Cont)

“Robert?” Kate screamed and ran back into the foyer where I stood. The shadow melted back into a dark corner, laughing. Laughing. Laughing.

“Stop it!” I yelled. “Leave me alone!”

Kate’s hand touched my shoulder and I jumped. “Robert?” Her eyes said it all. Eyebrows raised, wrinkled forehead, and fear. Fear of me.

“Please tell me you heard it, Kate. Please tell me you heard it laughing at least.” I searched her eyes, but I could see she didn’t want to answer. She didn’t want to tell me she heard nothing.

My ankles started to burn. The distant scalding of the coffee finally reached my brain, but it wasn’t too bad.

Kate’s look hurt a lot more.

“What’s going on, Robert?” She managed a whisper. I doubt she could have done more.

“Kate,” I pulled her to me and held her close. I needed her. I don’t know what it would mean if I didn’t have her. “I’m not going crazy, Kate. You have to believe me. I’m not.”

Her arms wound around my waist. I could feel her breathe on my shoulder. Now and then, she held her breath.

“Robert. I’m scared. I’m,” she pulled away from me.

I died when she looked at me. There was love there. Deep love. But, she didn’t believe me.

“No one believes you…” growled the shadow.

I closed my eyes.

Time’s up!

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