The Experiment Part 10: Am I Going Crazy?

Another good morning to you. Hope you all are enjoying the story. We continue on to see what will happen next. If you need to catch up, click here and follow the chain back to where you last read.

The Experiment (Cont)

Coffee. I love the smell of coffee. Something about its aroma seeps into my pores and destresses all the kinks in my body. Especially the mental kinks. I walked in the door and Kate greeted me with a large cup of Costa Rican blend. She is so beautiful, with her summer dress that made her graceful walk look like she was floating.

“You don’t look so happy.” She said after I took the cup. She gave me a peck on the cheek and I tried to smile.

“Saw my dad.”

She sighed and put a hand on my shoulder. “And how did that go?”

“I, I don’t know honestly. It was really good to see him. Better than I had ever thought it would be. But,” I stopped and took a sip of coffee.

When I didn’t continue for a moment, Kate brushed my arm. “But what? Why did you go see him, anyway? After all these years, after all my prodding, why today?”

I stared past her into the kitchen. What was I going to tell her? I went to see him because I’m hearing voices and I think they’re demons? That wouldn’t go so well.

“I, I wanted to see him. He is my dad, after all.”

She gave me that knowing look, but she let it go. Kate walked back into the kitchen.

“You’re mother was delicious…” A deep growl came from my side.

I spun and dropped the coffee cup. It hit the hardwood floor and shattered. Hot coffee soaked my khakis and shoes.

A shadow stood there for a moment. Just a moment, but I saw it this time. I saw it.

Time’s up!

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