The Experiment Part 3: Shadow And Fear

We are moving right along with the story. It’s interesting so far. If you want to read previous excerpts, click here and follow the chain back to where you last read.

The Experiment (Cont)

Scraping. Knives scraping against stone. That’s the best way I can describe the sound that came from my left. And that rattle. Now that I heard it again, it wasn’t a rattle. It was more gutteral, more animal than a rattle. Maybe the closest sound would be the relaxed rumble of a lion as it stalked its territory.

I turned toward it slowly. Sudden movements seemed a bad idea to me right now. Shadow stood before me again. Free standing shadow without backdrop or light to cast it. And the eyes. Cold eyes. They held no color, no distinction from the rest of the shadow, but I could see them stare at me. I could feel them bore into me and freeze my blood.

“Mike…” I know it was pointless, but I had to try something.

“Mike…” The shadow growled. It was low and human, but that didn’t mqke me feel any better. “Mike can’t help you. Kate…”

“Kate?” My heart stopped. My wife? What did it do to my wife?

Time’s up! Come back tomorrow.

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