The Experiment Part 2: Assessment Of The Situation

You can read all about what started this story here. For now, we continue:

The Experiment (Cont)

I should have realized something was wrong when Mike took his two shots at the window. It broke, but it did more than that. It shattered. No, that’s not right either. It disintegrated. If I hadn’t been so eager to get outside, I would have noticed that the glass turned back into sand. But, no. My mind was on other things.

I climbed on the bench of the booth I was sitting at and stepped outside. No one followed me. Another thing I didn’t notice right away. It was quiet on the street. That wasn’t entirely unusual. The little corner where the diner sat was quiet this early in the morning. Only the sun came to say good morning most days when Mike and I grabbed some coffee, hash browns, eggs, and bacon. Megan was the only waitress and Mel manned the grill alone. But, this was beyond quiet. My feet didn’t make a sound on the concrete and asphalt of the parking lot.

Across the street on the north side I saw something. I don’t know what it was. Shadow. A shadow slipped down the alley between the two apartment buildings across the street. That made me pause.

“Mike,” I called. He didn’t answer. Maybe he didn’t hear me. I didn’t hear me.

I turned around to the diner again. Mike was there, but he wasn’t moving. He just stood there with his gun still drawn and pointed at me.

“Mike?” I stepped to the side out of the line of his fire. He didn’t move. I then noticed Megan. She held her hands to her ears, like she did when Mike shot the window. Frozen. Just like Mike, she was frozen.

“What the…”

A rattle came from behind me. I spun and another shadow darted past me. My heart beat so hard I actually could hear it in my ears.

“Hello?” Again, I couldn’t hear my own voice. My heart I could hear, a strange rattle I could hear, but anything else?

Unfortunately, yes. I could hear something else.

Time’s up! We’ll continue tomorrow!

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