Free Write Challenge

This is in response to a free writing challenge that Charles French nominated me to do. You can read about it here. It is Free Writing – which means to just write within a period of time. I chose 5 minutes. I believe that the choices were 5 or 10. I was in a bit of a rush, so I took the easy route. I enjoy Charles’ blog, and I think you will too. So, go check him out. I did hesitate with this, because it seemed a bit like the Award nominations and I need to nominate others. However, I love a good challenge and couldn’t resist this (so, this isn’t a total departure from my no awards – just an answer to a challenge). And I am curious to see what others will do with the challenge. Have fun.

My Challenge: Write about visiting another place during another historical era – where would it be?

Where would I like to go? What period would I like to travel to? There are so many that run through my mind right now, but I have to say that one of the first, and most persistent, would be the Middle Ages. Why am I so fascinated by this time period? Because it is such a large chunk of time, and probably because it has been romanticized by literature and movies for a large amount of time. My main problem is that this doesn’t really do well for my place portion of this challenge. I would say Europe, but there are so many other parts of the world that I know very little about during this period. I would love to know more about what the rest of the world was doing at this time. Of course, I know very little about Europe at this time either. There are many great historical pieces written, I just haven’t taken the time to look into them with any depth. However, I also know that sometimes history skews what we know. There have been a lot of great discoveries that have shown us a deeper truth, but I would love to experience things first hand. Of course, that all depends on if I would be able to survive this time period. Would I be a peasant who fought hunger and disease and the cruelty of a nobility that didn’t care for me? Or would I be nobility and subject to all kinds of political games?

My time is up. I gave myself 5 minutes, and I did 253 words.

That’s a lot of rambling. Now, I must study some more on these periods. My curiosity is piqued.

Now, for my Nominees (Shouldn’t I have a teleprompter and some celeb IT girl and IT boy read this? Sorry, I don’t even have a drum roll.):

1) Amy living the full life over at Shirley’s Heaven.

2) John helping us in the struggle at johnzokovitch.

3) e inspiring everyone at authenticitee.

4) Maria photographing life at Maria Johnson Photography.

5) Edmond opening up the world with grace at The Chronicles of a Kid Next Door.

So many I could nominate, but I’m going to stop at 5.

Now, for the challenge I send to you, if you accept:

Choose 5 or 10 minutes, free write about the one person who has impacted your life the most (positively or negatively).

You can  send a challenge to others as well. Just choose a challenge yourself for the people you would like to see respond – and let them know about it.


17 thoughts on “Free Write Challenge

  1. Thanks Russell. I will be happy to participate in the challenge and your post has gotten me thinking about what it would be like to live back then. It could be a lot of fun or really scary, depending on one’s circumstances.


    1. My thoughts exactly. And, depends on which “part” of the era you lived. The earlier seems it might have been better. After the mid 1300s it seems it went all downhill (diseases, etc.) until the Renaissance.


      1. True that! Funny thing, I always say that I’m born in the wrong year. Imagine the thrills of adventure a thousand years in the past and that of space exploration a thousand years in the future… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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