An Open Letter to Three Generations


I wondered how best to celebrate Mother’s Day, and Compassion Bloggers gave us this prompt. it’s an open letter. I did one for past, present, and future. It does not say enough of how much each one means to me.

To my mother,

I love you mom. I know that you did not raise me on a day-to-day basis, but you were never far away. One of the greatest comforts I had growing up was that I knew that I could come over to your house any time I wanted. The trips we made during the summers to the amusement park near home were always a highlight for me. Our trip to Minnesota in the summer after I was in 3rd grade will forever be etched in my memory. However, more than any of these special moments, I will always treasure just coming over to your house after school or on the weekends. It meant a lot to me then, and I am thankful.

To my wife,

You are an amazing mother. I know you have your doubts and fears, but I see how you are with the children. I see the love that you pour into them day after day. Not every day is easy, there are difficulties and I know you wonder. You have never failed them or me. Never. Your humility, grace, and love stand as solid testimonies at the end of each day. You are teacher, mother, and friend. There is a reason our children are intelligent, compassionate, and maybe a little goofy sometimes: You. They excel in their studies because of you. They’re voracious readers because of you. They love Jesus because of you. You may not believe it every day, but I see the evidence. They will succeed in life tomorrow because of the love you pour into them today. They are blessed to call you mama. Thank you. Thank you for all that you do, every single day. You are not invisible, and neither is the work you do. I see you, and I love you.

To my daughter,

You are years away from even thinking about being a mother, but I want to write this to you now. You have an amazing heart, and I am proud of the person you are and the one I see you becoming. When motherhood does come to you, you will have questions and anxieties in abundance. You have an incredible example before you now that will answer those questions and calm those fears. If you want to know what a loving mother looks like, look up and see your mama. If you want to know how much a mother gives to her children every day, look up and see your mama. Follow her example and you will do well. No other resource will show you so completely what a mother is to be.

I love you all. To my mom and to my wife: Happy Mother’s Day. To my daughter: one day, but not for a very long, long time away. A really long time.


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