The Open Sea

photo courtesy of Andy @ The Bourne of Infinitude

This is my entry into this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers weekly prompt. Thank you Priceless Joy for letting me know about it. The photo above is the prompt.

Here it is, clocking in at 150 words even:

Megan held little Tatia close. Her body still shook. She couldn’t stop. Would she ever stop? She knew the other’s were watching her. They were wondering, too. Was it fear that still shook her, or was it the virus?

Setiawan’s body ached, but he kept rowing. They had to make it. Papua New Guinea was somewhere behind them, but he lost track of how long they had been going. He wondered if they could follow them. Not into the ocean. They didn’t have control of their bodies anymore; they couldn’t swim. Could they?

Anthony watched Megan. His heart broke to see her shake. Would they have to throw her overboard? It’s just fear that made her shake, right? Could she have been bitten? Could they take the risk? They tried to ask her, but she was unresponsive. She sat and shook and held little Tatia.

God, help me. Megan thought.

9 thoughts on “The Open Sea”

  1. Great build up of tension! I hope she is just shaking from fear and not from the illness! Will I ever find out? Wonderful story Russell! We are happy you have participated with FFfAW and hope you will continue!


  2. Nicely written…relaying the fears of the others and that of Megan’s…questions hanging in the air…what is the real cause of her shaken condition? Does she really know herself?


  3. You hooked me from the start and sold me with this line “Was it fear that still shook her, or was it the virus?” Excellent! I’d thought little Tatia was the one shaking, but it became clear that Megan was the potential danger! So that was a second shock, probably unintended but happily welcomed. I loved the build up of suspense and quiet horror. Thanks for the entertaining read.


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