Where My Treasure Is

Day 20 – Writing 101: Today’s the day. The last of my writing/blogging class. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve learned a lot despite myself. Today, we write about something we treasure dearly. The twist, we try long form. By the definition mentioned on what long form blog is, this is not something new to my posts. Either way, this is how I’m closing out the class. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll start fresh with my regular blog posts and cycle on Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

I don’t treasure things. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the benefit that material things have given to me and my family on a daily basis, I do value things for the value they give. I simply don’t treasure them. I never have. Clothes are great because they keep me from scaring the rest of the world. I value my car because it has proven to be reliable in doing what I need it to do. However, things eventually go away and they are replaced by something better, or something at least equally useful.

I treasure people. The relationships I have been blessed to have in my life make it worth living. It is in these relationships that I have joy and feel loved. I’m not very good at relationships. There’s a strong tendency for selfishness and obliviousness that courses through me, but there is a strong tendency for grace and love that courses through the people in my life.

There are some relationships that I treasure above others:

My wife. I don’t think I could ever really say how much I love this woman. Every cliché fails to convey the depth of adoration and devotion I have for her. There is so much to love. She is intelligent. Her mind is sharp and analytical with a precision that cuts to the heart of any situation quickly. She often brags about being “right 99.99% of the time”. The thing is, I don’t think she’s that far off from the truth, but don’t tell her I said that. She is funny. Her sense of humor catches me off guard now and then and I can’t help but laugh. There are many times when she has brought me out of a funk of melancholy with her jokes. It also doesn’t hurt that she has not only come to appreciate my very low form of comedy, but has adopted it from time to time. When I say low form, I mean puns. I love puns, and I love to make eyes roll with them. She is beautiful. There is also a reason why I call her Beautiful and Gorgeous as her nicknames: I don’t think either word truly knew their full potential before she graced this world. I don’t think I love her well enough most days, but I am thankful to know that she loves me.

My kids. I know all parents like to think of their kids as wonderful and they brag on them. However, we need to face reality here: I have the greatest kids in the vast universe of children. It’s just a fact. They surprise me every day with the depth and variety of their knowledge. I suspect it’s their mother’s doing. Books are consumed quickly and in vast quantities in our home. I don’t believe I have ever seen more voracious bookworms than these two. They have their own distinct personalities that show me a depth of concern and love for others, as well as a sense of humor that goes beyond my limited puns. They really know how to be funny. I watch them and my heart grows heavy at times to see them grow and become older, but I also stand amazed as I see the people they are becoming. There are times when I get frustrated with them, and I don’t show them the love and respect they deserve. They do the same toward me and my wife and each other, too. After all, they are human and they are still growing in their understanding of relationships and the world at large. However, hugs and kisses cover a multitude of sins.

Jesus. Above all other relationships in my life, Jesus holds my heart and soul. I don’t value my faith. My faith is wishy-washy and tepid in its best moments. No, I value Jesus as a person, as a person who is very real and very much in my life. I wrote about my dysfunctional relationship with him and how I fell in love with him here, and I also wrote a big about things he has done in my life through my three part series here, here, and here. Those small windows cannot begin to show all that he has done in my life nor the depth of grace and love he has poured into me. To say the cliché that I don’t deserve his love feels weak and dismissive. It is true that I don’t deserve it, but he doesn’t care. He loves me with a ferocious and all consuming love that I don’t understand. But I am more than happy to get washed away by its flood, consumed in its fire, buried in its avalanche, or whatever analogy you want to pick. I would love to say that I love him because I have the capacity for that kind of love, but the truth is that I love him simply because I am lost in the enormity of his love. I know that I don’t love him well, but I treasure him.

It sounds selfish when I say it. I treasure Jesus, because he treasures me. I love Jesus, because he loves me. It’s reactionary, I know, but that doesn’t diminish its truth or its power. Because of his love, I know what it means to love and I can now love in an exponentially greater capacity than was possible before I lost myself in his love.

So, no I don’t treasure things. I don’t treasure ideologies and intangibles either. I treasure people. I treasure my wife and my kids, but I treasure Jesus above all else.

8 thoughts on “Where My Treasure Is”

  1. I like the way in which you have expressed your true feelings for your family. Indeed, family is important and the love and respect you have shown for them is simply inspiring.

    Beautiful piece of writing!


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