Day 19 Free Flow and Mindlessness

Day 19 – Writing 101: Another Free Writing exercise. Just let yourself go and let the words flow. No editing, no second guessing, let come what may.

An interesting near wrap up to this writing endeavor. My mind is so full of ideas, ideas that range around every spectrum of life that I don’t know what I should write or where to begin. I guess the most pressing thoughts at this moment are what the future means for my blog.

Tomorrow will be the last day of this writing class. After that, what direction will I take this blog? I started this blog before I began this writing class, so I really did not have any intention of it impacting me too greatly. I do think it has impacted me, though. I think I know where my strengths lie when it comes to blogging now, and I have an idea where my weaknesses are. That’s not to say that I won’t always keep improving. We always need to keep learning and improving. Only when I’m dead will I stop.

Stories are my passion and my strength. I think. I like to tell stories, but I want to empower others to tell their stories as well. One of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, is big on stories. His whole push now is Story branding – what do you as an individual or what do corporate entities and businesses present the world? Everyone relates to stories. I believe this strongly. I’ve felt this before I really understood what Mr. Miller was doing. I think I’ve said it numerous times that I really think I’ve found the niche that God had been trying to show me for a long time. Stories are how we connect, and stories help us grow and understand one another.

So, obviously, this blog will continue on with telling stories. I have created a page for others to share their stories as well, and I hope that will take off some time soon. It’ll be pretty lonely around here if all I have on this page is stories I tell.

What kind of stories am I looking for, or what kind of stories will I tell? All kinds of stories. I’ll probably write a lot of fiction, but with things to teach or highlight. Short stories, flash fiction mostly. I’ll also tell stories about my passions in life: My family, my faith, social injustice, etc. As for the stories others share here, that’s up to them. They can be anecdotes of lessons learned, or their personal struggles with family or faith, or lack of faith, or whatever it is that is on their heart. They can be funny stories, or deep and heavy stories. It’s not up to me, because they’re not my stories. I just think that if we share stories together, then we can make this world a bit less scary and a bit better. How do we make this world a better place? In the words quoted by Anne Lamott often lately “Bird by Bird” – or story by story.

So, those are my thoughts for now. I’m signing off until tomorrow. Be blessed everyone. See you soon.

20 thoughts on “Day 19 Free Flow and Mindlessness”

  1. I am loving how you’ve branded your blog. I hope your ‘Stories’ section grows into something awesome. Have you considered asking some of your favorite story bloggers to guest write for you as an advertisement to that section?

    Even though I didn’t continue, with the class, it has inspired me so much, as well. It was just the motivation I needed.


  2. Great idea Russell! So glad you’re encouraged to create a space of others to share their stories. You’re a great storyteller…it all makes sense.

    Staying tuned!



  3. Oh wow really it is ending! I totally forgot it is end of 4 weeks now. I’m sure will be visiting your blog, I really like how you write and it’s very much fun to read your work. Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement you gave me:)


  4. I was also surprised at how much more I got out of the course than expected. I love your idea and think it will make for a blogging space that people will want to frequent – both to share their stories and read yours.

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  5. That’s awesome! I’m so glad this course has given you inspiration for the future of your blog!

    But it’s also a sad reminder that the course is ending tomorrow. Sigh…

    Best of luck to you, friend. And if you’d like a story or two to share, I’d be happy to rustle something up.


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