Dear Self

Day 14 – Writing 101: Pick up a random book, turn to page 29, and pick the word that jumps out at you the most. Then, write a story based on that word. Only, write it in letter form. Those were our instructions. The only book I had at hand at the moment was a devotional, and the word that jumped out at me (possibly because it was in giant letters to note that this was the day’s devotion heading) was provision. Interesting.

Dear Self,

I’ve been watching you lately and I know what’s going on in that mind of yours when you play with your kids or hold your wife. I know what you’re thinking when you’re washing the dishes and you stare off into nowhere.

Am I providing? Do I provide the love and guidance my kids need? Do I provide the support and encouragement my wife needs? Do I provide the friendship that my neighbors, coworkers, and countless others need?

I don’t have the answers. I can’t see into their minds like I see into yours. I know you can do better in a lot of areas, but I do want you to remember some things. You’ve heard them spoken to you many times in your life, and you know that there is truth to them. They all stem from one central truth:

“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals.”

That’s from Proverbs 12:10. And you know that it’s about more than just animals.

What does it mean by caring for their needs? What does it mean to be providing?

First, you can’t know the needs of those you love without being with them. You can’t know their thoughts or their hearts unless you are with them and you listen to them.

Second, you have to know yourself. Let’s face it, you can’t meet every need of everyone. If you try, you’ll end up a shell of yourself who won’t be able to provide anything to anyone. You were never created to do that. Only one can do that, and He does a pretty good job. If you can’t provide, you can help them find who can. Through prayer, through being there.

But, when you know what your loved ones really need, and you know your own capacity for filling those needs, you’ll do better at providing. It doesn’t matter if you’re failing at it right now. You’re not stone and unchangeable. You’re not beyond learning and adapting.

You can do this. You can provide.

We’ll talk more later.




11 thoughts on “Dear Self

  1. I love these introspective moments in letters to selves. I journal and ask questions to myself all the time. Proverbs 12:10 is a wonderful scripture. It brings to mind all that Israel had when they left Egypt, and how they brought their animals with them through the Red Sea. Truly nothing is so amazing than for others to care for animals. Great story!


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