Queen Penelope of the Crystal Valley

Day 6 in Writing 101: A study in Character. I am to write about someone who has entered my life recently. This was a very difficult task for me, because there were far too many great people to choose from lately. So, I’m taking the easy route and writing about a character from one of my stories I’m writing. It is a middle grade fantasy story, and this is a small excerpt from it that I think gives a glimpse into who this queen is. This is still a work in progress. We’ll see if it was a wise choice.

Some are surprised when they first meet Queen Penelope, for she is not what many picture when they envision queens. Unfortunately, I believe that has a lot to do with odd notions that many have when they think of nymphs. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Queen Penelope is a nymph. A water nymph to be certain. And, as it is with sprites, there are a great many misconceptions when it comes to nymphs. Many think that they are selfish, mischievous, greedy, jealous, and vengeful. There are nymphs that are like that, but there are a great many other creatures that are like that, too. Including people.

However, when many first learn that a nymph is queen, they aren’t sure what to think. Especially when told how benevolent, kind, gracious, and full of love Queen Penelope is. It usually doesn’t take long for them to get over the initial shock and accept it. She really is a wonderful queen, and beautiful. She shimmers like the river itself, her silvery skin catching even the smallest of lights to reflect them and glimmer like jewels. Her pure, unblemished, white hair cascades down to the middle of her back and the fullness of it enfolds her like a cloak when it’s still. She is plump with the perfect round cheeks that invite kisses from children in every village. And her dresses are always of the same rich, cyan color that seem to remind everyone that she did come from the river.

Penelope became queen when she rescued King Gustav from a Manticore attack when he was just a boy. Well, she didn’t become queen right away, but it did start an amazing friendship that soon led them to fall in love with each other and eventually marry when they grew older. Some say that her rescue of the boy king is what began the Manticore War because the catlike monsters wanted revenge. All agree, though, that Penelope saved the kingdom from them. And all fell in love with the amazing water nymph, and none were surprised when she and Gustav married.

-Copyright notice- This is a creative work of Russell J. Fellows. Any unauthorized reproduction or use of this material is strictly prohibited. Be kind. Don’t do it.

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