Day 3 of Writing 101: Another Free writing – 3 most important songs in my life

Let me begin by saying that I am glad that this is a free writing exercise, because I honestly haven’t a clue as to how to tackle this one with any specificity.

I love music. I love all genres of music, but the three most important songs in my life? Honestly I don’t think I can pinpoint them.

Worship songs and songs of faith stir my soul more often than any other song. Except maybe some classical. There is always something inspiring about a good classical song. That’s why they use them so often for moments in movies that they really want to reach in and grab hold of your heart.

There is one particular song, non-classical, that always gets me going when I listen to it. Needtobreathe’s song Let us love. It’s one of those songs that, when the singers scream out “Burning Doooooowwwwwnnnn!” in the middle, you’re screaming along with them. It makes you think. It makes you want to be a better person. It makes you want to shed all the excesses that you’ve attached to your life, your faith, and what you think you need to be. It also makes you realize that the whole point is to love: Love God and love people. Really love. Like a child. Uninhibited. Unconditional. Total.

A lot of Needtobreathe’s music does that for me. They stir me into deep thoughts. They make me examine myself.

I suppose a lot of songs of faith do that. Building 429 has songs that really reach in and grab hold of me. They remind me of where my heart belongs, with Jesus. Always with Jesus.

I wish I could say with any real sense of certainty that there are three specific songs that have defined my life. I wish I could point to them and say “this song was my motivation during high school” or “this is our song, we danced to it during our wedding”. I do like Pacabel’s Cannon in D – that was our wedding march. I know I probably just massacred the title of that, but I think most of you will understand what I’m talking about.

At any rate, I’m going to stop writing and go listen to some music. I’ll see you all later.

7 thoughts on “Day 3 of Writing 101: Another Free writing – 3 most important songs in my life”

  1. Needtobreathe! Wow, that band name takes me back to when I was in university and I repeatedly listened to their song ‘More Time’. Thanks for re-introducing them to me through this post! Great song choices – Pachelbel Canon in D is such a perfect wedding song πŸ™‚


  2. I like your use of genres and their meaning to you rather than strictly specific songs!

    I struggle with contemporary worship music, often, finding it too repetitive and (too) happy, so I like hearing about songs that are worship songs because they’re ACTUALLY powerful songs, which seems to be the case with the one you mentioned!


  3. Ha! Canon in D was my first favorite pick! I knew you had good taste when I read your home page bio that said you love Jesus. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading my writing101 blog, mycrudebirds. I also have my “dressed up blog” that my comments link to. I wish I could pick and choose how that works, but I guess I just need to get brave (or humble) enough to use one blog for everything.


    1. I understand about picking and choosing what to write about. I think I drove my wife a bit crazy as I went through various blogs trying to find what I wanted to write about. And then I read about how if I want to be a writer, my blog should be about me. Since I try to think about myself as a storyteller (I like to think it…whether or not its true is another question), then that’s what I do on my blog. My “stories” can be a cornucopia of ideas that relate to anything and everything in my life from writing to parenting to faith. And, I’m not changing blogs for each idea. πŸ™‚

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