The Woods near my wife’s home town, The Netherlands

My Writing 101 Assignment # 2:

There is a place that still plays in my dreams with its lingering charm and quietness.

My wife and I walk hand in hand along a path of earth strewn with loose pebbles and leaves. Beech trees stand tall and straight along the path like sentries that guard us against all that might disturb this peace. It is near twilight or dawn, I don’t remwoods near Voorhout, The Netherlandsember which, because the sun hangs low in the sky and shimmers its golden light through the canopy above us. There is a warm glow everywhere we look, and shadows seem eager to stretch far away from us and keep us in our solitude. I don’t know which direction we face, but I don’t care. Here in this moment, all is well as I walk with her: my love.

Songs fill the air. Whistles and calls of an array of birds I cannot begin to name. They seem to sing for us and call to us. The songs tell us to stay, and we do not deny them. My wife leans her head on my shoulder and we breathe deep the fresh life that hangs in the air. It is full of the perfumes of nearby tulip fields that freely dance with the scents of the trees and earth around us.

These woods are full of Gezelligheid. It’s a word that my wife tells me has no direct translation into English. It is abstract and full of emotion, much like my memory of this place so close to her home town. There is much to love about the Netherlands. Much that I love because of its attachment to this incredible woman with whom I am forever in love. But it is these woods that visit me in my dreams. In these woods, the whole world fades to the background. Our children run ahead of us, throw leaves at each other in pure glee and freedom, but it’s just her and me. With her hand in mine, her head upon my shoulder, the trees stand sentry and the birds sing for us alone.

We will be returning to this dream soon.


8 thoughts on “The Woods near my wife’s home town, The Netherlands

  1. Beautiful! Your love for your wife shines through in this post and I think the words you use to describe this scene bring that out very well. I particularly like your description of how ‘songs fill the air’ and call to you and your love – it feels like you’re walking in the woods of a fantasy world! Enjoyed reading this very much πŸ™‚

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  2. Absolutely amazing writing style! This is incredibly calming and lovely to read and re-read. The stillness and solitude of the wood has me travelling back to all my childhood forest adventures…that stillness was the perfect getaway, even as a kid.

    And of course, I love the setting. Your family’s experiences are proof that this is a must-see on my travel list!


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