A Family Affair

My kids love getting the mail.

I don’t mean that they just love getting letters or magazines addressed to them, but they love to literally run out to our mailbox and get the mail. Even if it’s junk.

What really makes their day, though, is when we get a letter from one of the children we sponsor. You would think it was Christmas and their Birthday rolled into one. They love getting the letters that much.

The reason they love getting these letters so much is that we’ve made them part of this whole journey of sponsoring a child through Compassion. It isn’t just something that Mama or Papa does, it’s something that the whole family does. They are invested in these children every bit as much as we are.

I would love to say that it was my idea, but I’m not that clever. It doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know my family, but my wife is the heart and brains behind the operation.

The point is, our kids want to know what’s going on in the lives of the children we sponsor. They want to know about the lives of people outside of their relatively small world and expand their horizons in ways that, frankly if we didn’t sponsor these children, may have never occurred to us.

It also gives them a tangible way to show the kind of love that they hear about in Sunday School, but maybe don’t see actually practiced in real life. This is the proverbial “walking the talk”, which I know I can always do better in executing.

And no, it’s not about them getting a hero syndrome fix. It’s not about the big powerful westerner reaching out to pat some poor soul on the head.

It’s about life relating to life. It’s about my children reaching out and sharing life with other children. It’s about sharing the blessing we’ve been given, and it’s about them making that choice all on their own.

They could grudgingly read the letters with us, maybe even feign some interest, but they don’t. They’re into this all the way.

If you would like to start your own family letter writing events with a child who would love to get to know you, click here.


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