Meet Judah – A Compassion Post

This is not an emotional plea for you to hurry over to Compassion International’s website and sponsor a child.

This is a plea for you to hurry over to Compassion’s website and commit to a child.

There is a difference.

Many times we, through normal human responses, react to videos like this one or from attending concerts that promote Compassion and other organizations and we quickly sign up to sponsor a child.

That sounds great, doesn’t it? After all, isn’t child sponsorship what is needed?

Yes and no.

You see, after a few months a drastic number of those emotional responses can’t keep up with the sponsorship and the child is “dropped”.

Yes, dropped.

That means that the child no longer has that support they had become invested in emotionally and relationally as well as financially.

When you become a sponsor, you become family. Are you going to be the elusive family member that only appears once in awhile to hand out money and sweets, or are you going to be the one who shares life with them?

When you watched the video, how did Judah’s mom introduce him? Was it as a child whose life was saved, or was it as a child who is full of life?

There is a difference, even if the former makes the latter possible.

And I’m making the plea to you to be both.

So, watch the video. Click on the Sponsor a Child link at the end of it, but commit to a child.

It’s not easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. There are communities to help you in your commitment. Ask me, and I can help you find them.

3 thoughts on “Meet Judah – A Compassion Post”

  1. Russ, I appreciate how you make the distinction between sponsor and commit. There really is a big difference. So often the children we sponsor wonder if we are real. But when we are committed to them, they do not wonder this. Really great post. We are so happy to have you in the Compassion Bloggers Network!


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