Don’t worry. This isn’t a review of the new Will Smith movie, nor will I spend any writing space on that subject other than this one sentence.

Instead, I want to write about how my new initiative to be a writer instead of only writing for a hobby has brought me a greater sense of focus and purpose. A few other things in my life where I’ve been very wishy-washy and unreliable have finally begun to make sense. Sense in the way that I want to kick myself and ask: “Why in the world did I not think of that before?”

You see, social justice is something I’m passionate about, but my problem has always been that there are so many social issues that I want to support that I end up not supporting any of them. The immensity of the multitude of options to make a difference in the world have left me with deer-in-the-headlights incapacitation. Not any longer.

My wife and I have supported an organization for a long time now that makes a positive impact for change every day. This is where the “kick myself” comes into play. I’ve already been supporting this organization, but still felt helpless in my desire to change the world for the good. In my defense, this lack of insight could be due to my ignorance of all it is that they do. I thought we were helping children survive poverty and get an education. It turns out that this organization also fights trafficking and helps the entire community where they set up their projects. I’m still learning about all that they do.

So, what is my point, why am I rambling on about this in context with focus and me being a writer? Because I am going to focus more on supporting this organization, and I’m going to do it through my writing.

The organization is Compassion International. I highly suggest that you investigate them if you don’t already know about them. You’ll be glad that you did. I’m going to support them by being part of their blogger network.

It fits in with everything I want this blog to be: about writing and about stories. Now, I’ll be adding the stories of families and children from around the world. Stories of trial, hardship, pain, and triumph. The best part is, you’ll have opportunity to be part of thsese stories.

It won’t take away from anything I’ve set out to accomplish with my new focus, instead it adds to my journey. I’ve said before that I don’t walk down this road alone, and I will be glad of the people I meet and maybe even help along the way. Come walk with me and be ready to reach out and lift someone up to their feet so they can walk with us, too.


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