Always Learning

I like to learn, and I like things that are free. Sometimes when those things are combined, the results aren’t that great. However, I’ve discovered a place where free and quality education actually work together quite well.

The place is called Future Learn, and they’re found here.

Right now I’m learning the basics of the Dutch language, because after 12 years of being married to an amazing Dutch woman…my comprehension and speaking skills in her heart language suck. I have no excuses, I just never made learning the language the priority it should have always been. I let “life” keep me distracted. Thankfully, she’s very gracious and doesn’t hold it against me.

I’m fixing that, though.

I’ve tried other free websites to learn languages, but haven’t been too impressed. This looks nicely organized and has their goals clearly presented. So far, I think it’s working for me.

They have a lot of great courses, I also just signed up for a writing course. I don’t know if any of you would really want that, but I certainly do.

It seems like a great place to go and learn something. Maybe I’ll see you in a class.


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