The Opening of a Journey

I have mulled over what I wanted my very first post to be about for quite some time, and though I write it now I still wonder if it is the right words to open this new website. I’ve asked myself a hundred questions in considering what message I want this site to convey, and I’ve arrived at some answers. I believe they are the right answers.

First, yes this website is going to be my official website for my writing. I will talk about my current works in progress and any other details that authors talk about when they actually have books written and are trying to market them to the world at large. I haven’t any books thus far, but they will come and so will the plugs.

Second, I don’t want this to be just another site to advertise some mediocre author’s books in hopes to gain readership. I do want readers, of course I do, but I want this to be a place that those readers can come and learn about writing, my books, my favorite books written by others, or just to escape into the journey.

Third, I do want this to be about a journey of stories. I want this to be about the in-betweens and the distractions along the side of the road that make it all worth it. This should be a place where readers come to read and enjoy a story, maybe just a sliver of a bigger story that they want to go and read more of as they curl up on the couch or wherever their favorite reading nook might be.

So, while this is my official website, it is also your official invitation. An invitation to come and join in the journey. I welcome your suggestions and insights, as well as comments you might have toward my writing. I am a writer, but whether or not I’m a good writer is in the hands of you the reader. I’m a growing writer, and I will grow as I walk this journey. I won’t be walking alone, but there is always room for you to walk with me, too.

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